Endeca Experience & Oracle Commerce Expertise

Endeca Experience Resources

  1. Endeca component diagram (visualizing Endeca)
  2. What is Page Builder? What is Experience Manager?
  3. Oracle’s Omni-Channel Roadmap for the telco industry
  4. How merchandisers control experience design
  5. How to improve search relevance
  6. Metrics to measure onsite conversion

The Endeca Days

Cirrus10’s Endeca Experience began immediately upon founding the company in 2010. We partnered with Endeca at which time it was developing the Page Builder technology. The idea of taking a largely back-end technology (search) and extending it into the realm of Experience Management was akin to a transformation that the Web Content Management market had undergone almost a decade prior. The founders of Cirrus10, Peter Curran, Mark Hughes, and Sathya Raghavendran, came from Vignette Software, one of the first true enterprise Web CMS, and brought experience building business-user-driven systems to Endeca’s more back-end focused consulting pool. We quickly hired experienced Endeca leads and trained Web CMS leads and architects to form an Endeca practice. For two years, we learned under Endeca Professional Services on accounts such as Wal-Mart, Nike, and Aramark.

Oracle and Beyond

When Oracle acquired Endeca everything changed. From a business perspective, we stopped subcontracting and quickly added direct customers. In terms of projects, we learned how to do leaner projects for customers under $500 million in annual revenue. The most significant change, however, has been the emphasis on other Oracle products in the Commerce suite.

The integration of ATG and Endeca to create Oracle Commerce has meant that we do more full Oracle Commerce projects, working with companies such as Aaxis Commerce, Professional Access, Commerce Architects, and Vachio Solutions Group. We understand the boundaries and overlap of ATG and Endeca and know how to architect a solution that makes the best use of both systems and aligns with Oracle’s future roadmap for commerce. We jointly presented an example ATG and Endeca architecture with Oracle in a marquee session at Open World 2014 in San Francisco, California.

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