E-commerce, Content & Search: The continuous improvement curve

An Art & Science with Quantifiable Results


Site search is complex – a mix of data and human behavior. Cirrus 10 is a recognized industry expert on e-commerce search.  We are able to optimize site search to consistently yield quantifiable improvements to search results. Because human judgment is subjective, our goal is to combine the merchant perspective with the customer perspective, so we can bring visibility to what is truly relevant on your site. We keep our eye on the latest AI and machine learning advances to continue to innovate on behalf of our clients.

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The equation for hitting on all cylinders


Are you maximizing every facet of e-commerce, content and search to drive better results? Because technologies and processes are intertwined, it’s often difficult to have everything unite to drive the best results possible. We can dissect areas of performance challenges, ensure each part of the system is being utilized efficiently and even look holistically how the entire people, process, platform puzzle fits together, isolating areas that may impede progress, including latency and throughput. The end result is the driving the best performance from your tech investment.

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