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We Know Where To Go

We know where to go because we have been around the block. In fact we’ve been around the block more than 100 times. Between our Endeca Oracle Commerce and CMS experience, we have over 100 clients and implementation stories. Over time, we have discovered that there is a repeatable process with fixed steps that will work in any situation to get you where you want to go.

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Achieve Perfection

Site Design and User Experience

Websites Are Tools Made To Do A Certain Job

Websites are tools made to do a certain job. We keep that in mind when we work on a project. So for us, site design and user experience both grow from the notion of product design. It’s not about decoration; it’s about making things that work. We like to follow the guidance of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry “A designer knows (s)he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

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We provide consulting and implementation services to drive a digital world. We do this by applying a philosophy of old-world craftsmanship. Cirrus10 specializes in end-to-end implementations of e-commerce and content management systems. We like Oracle Commerce and OpenText, but depending on your needs, Ingeniux and Solr might be the right platforms. And we like those too. No matter which software solution we implement, our approach is practical, our methodology is seamless, and our handiwork is refined.

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You Like Your Platform. You Trust Your Platform.

And now your platform has a new version. Maybe it’s even a couple of generations beyond where you started. No problem. We’ll get you to just the right place, with the latest and greatest of what your platform has to offer. We often help clients move from earlier versions of Endeca to the current version of Oracle Commerce. As it turns out, sometimes this process requires moving to an interim version on the way (for example if you want to move from Endeca 3 to Oracle 11, you need to install and move to Endeca 6 first). We have the process down and can get you to today as quickly as possible.

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From Here To There


Solr is a great search index but it doesn’t have a business user interface like Oracle Commerce Experience Manager, and therefore it can be hard to customize and control the ultimate experience for the shopper. We’ve helped several clients move from Solr to Oracle. We know the nuances of each platform and will help you make a seamless transition.

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Get It Right The Second Time


Sometimes the first time you do something, it’s not quite right. You’ve learned things though – what to do and what not to do. Whether it be a commerce environment that is less than optimal, or a content management system that you know can perform better, we will take your existing reality, and transform it into the business engine that it was meant to be.

eCommerce and Content Managment


How To Architect Business Software Platforms.

How should you architect your business software platforms? Many have overlapping features. Ideally, where does one end and another begin? We will help you decide which parts of which platform should do what job.

One scenario common to almost all stores is the integration of content and product data. Banners, body copy, graphic assets and even videos are usually stored in a content management system (CMS). The rules governing the display of this content, especially when paired with search functionality, product and navigational data, are usually controlled with specific tools. Ensure you are leveraging content in a meaningful way.

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An Art And A Science

Relevancy Tuning

How Do We Do This Quantitatively

As part of its long history with Oracle Commerce and Oracle’s guided search component, Cirrus10 has learned how to fine tune search results to a granular level. As such, Cirrus10 is able to optimize Endeca to consistently yield quantifiable improvements to search results. We do this by using input from your merchants, your customers, and our own secret sauce.

And because human judgment is subjective, our goal is to combine the merchant perspective with the customer perspective, so we can bring visibility to what is truly relevant on your site.

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Endeca and Opentext WEM

Software Training

An Extra Push In The Right Direction

Every Cirrus10 Endeca and OpenText implementation includes customized business user and IT training to empower your team to maximize the features and functionality of these platforms. But you don’t need to have us do the implementation in order to get the benefit of this education and knowledge. We provide courses for every need. A few hours of a refresher? A week of hands-on training on set up and implementation? We can do it.

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Expert Support For Your Delivery Team

Managed Services

Business is global. Business is 24/7. Commerce and content sites are living systems that need around the clock attention and care. Cirrus10 offers three tiered options for supporting and administering CMS and eCommerce platforms. We provide services for Oracle Endeca and OpenText WEM. Our Support Customers also benefit from discounted rates on other services we provide.

The Foundation of Commerce Success

Content Strategy

In the 21st Century There Is No Such Thing As A Pure Commerce Site

Even sites that don’t include blog posts, editorial or non-product content must rely on presentation and context to maximize conversions and average order value. And presentation – which is actually curation – is, ultimately, what drives the consumer journey. When blog posts, forums, user reviews and editorial are folded in then it all comes together – traffic, conversions and order value. We worked with to seamlessly integrate one of the largest fitness sites on the planet with their robust and extensive online store. This enables them to lead with content and finish with commerce. It’s a winning combination.

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