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After is passionate about transformation.  Their goal is to provide everything you need to transform your self with advice, tips, training, nutrition, supplements, and motivation. has invested heavily in high quality web content, and after more than a decade of that commitment needed to transform themselves by offering a unified search and navigation experience across their content and product repositories.

Project Objective: chose to replace multiple siloed search technologies including Solr, ATG Search, and Google Search Appliance with a single Oracle Endeca solution. They wanted to create an improved user experience and take advantage of their many and vast content sources, and provide business users control over page configuration and search relevancy. Oracle Experience Manager provided the tools to accomplish these goals.

Value delivered to

Value in Experience Manager – Ability to boost and bury products, spotlight different items, and change the user experience for different segments and categories.

Value in Relevancy – Relevancy was significantly improved, especially for store results which previously struggled with concepts such as ingredients, flavors, and sizes.   Dated and irrelevant content no longer shows up first in non-store content including articles and exercises.

Value in Guided Navigation – Only important and relevant dimensions and refinements now show up when searching for products.

Value in Type-ahead – A hand-curated list for type-ahead was replaced with a dynamic  type-ahead displaying relevant products and suggested terms, and exposing videos, content, and community items.

Value in Indexing – All search is now under one index.

  • 12,000 products
  • 22,000 articles (written to support products and/or as stand-alone content)
  • Hundreds of workouts
  • Hundreds of videos

Other things to knowAs part of the initial Endeca release, Bodybuilding upgraded ATG to version 10.2 and deployed Oracle Endeca Commerce 3.1.2 in order to be fully compatible.

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