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Complimentary Offer


There are dozens of key features that ecommerce and content driven sites need in order to perform optimally. At no cost to you, we will analyse your site and identify ways to improve customer experience and demonstrated corresponding benefits.


Guaranteed ROI


Our Endeca tuning package is guaranteed to work with your specific data – no matter what that data is – and will dramatically increase your customers’ abilities to get to the exact products they are looking for upon arriving at your site.


Confidence in your Decision


When you are ready to implement Endeca but want complete confidence in your decision, we will give it to you. Using your data we can show you what your site will look like and how it will perform. Use this to validate your choice in Endeca.


Complimentary Offer


Special Offer 1 - Site Review

24 Point Inspection

We know ecommerce and CMS driven sites inside and out. A complete customer experience includes search, guided navigation, merchandising and SEO. Configured correctly, these make the difference between a successful site and one that perpetually struggles. Why leave money on the table every day? We will review your site from the perspective of the ideal feature set and show you places where you can make small changes that result in big returns. Part of this process will be a one-on-one meeting with you and your ecommerce or content team to walk through your site and identify opportunities and benefits.


Guaranteed ROI


Don’t worry about your IT team’s involvement

How’s this for ROI? A Cirrus10 tuning engagement is $50,000 (£35K) and spans roughly 2-4 weeks. We will guarantee that your search-initiated conversion totals will improve by more than $50,000 (£35K) or you will not pay us a penny. Why are we so confident? Because it works. Our first customer increased sales in every one of their top ten search terms and increased overall search sales by 40% after their two-week engagement – improvements that make a $50K (£35K) investment a slam dunk.

We will analyze your top search terms, identify your problematic searches, and prescribe strategies for relevancy tuning. What’s more, we’ll be happy to show your merchandising team how to implement changes themselves so they can maintain and improve search on their own.

One of the best parts of our tuning package is that most Endeca implementations will allow you to make these recommended improvements without IT involvement.

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Special Offer 2 Relevance Tuning

Confidence in your decision


Special Offer Proof of Concept

We know your job depends on our success

Ready to implement Endeca, but want complete confidence in your decision? We can help. Using your data in a proof of concept, we can show you what your site will look like and how it will perform. This special offer will validate your choice in Endeca.

Provide us with the following, and we will show you exactly how your site will look and perform with Endeca as its engine:

  1. Catalog data in flat file or xml format
  2. Non product content like web pages or pdfs in zip file
  3. Category and sub cat hierarchy for products

Every business is unique. Even commerce sites in the same industry (for example: furniture) will have different vocabulary, user intentions and expectations and product nuances. Let us demonstrate that no matter what those distinctions may be, Endeca can handle the job.

CONTACT US FOR DETAILS. [email protected] OR CALL 866.996.9985 >