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A team united


Cirrus10 was founded in the belief that outstanding professional services for content management and ecommerce can be provided at reasonable rates and still demonstrate superior results. The company’s leaders defined one driving principle – Practical Advice – and the rest of the company’s philosophy is based on it. The team of development and support employees grow their careers in line with that philosophy. A 100% referenceable client roster testifies to their passion for and commitment to their craft.

The best part



Help us solve challenging technology problems for the world’s top brands while keeping your personal life intact. Work for Cirrus10. We are always hiring smart people and want to talk to you. Before you reach out, here’s what it’s like and what you get:

What is it like?

We try to keep it casual, taking the best parts of working for a startup and adding touches of formality like you’d see at a larger consultancy.

  • Downtown Seattle office near major commuting conduits, bars and restaurants
  • Make a difference in the business operations and management of a growing start up
  • Company events and dinners
  • Mentorship opportunities with:
    • Practice managers – gurus with 10+ years of leadership experience in your practice area
    • Practice executives– gurus with 20+ years of experience in your practice
    • Colleagues at our regular company summits
  • Yearly performance reviews with straight talk and meaningful objectives

What does it pay?

We evaluate our compensation packages yearly and endeavor to provide compensation that is on par with the giants of our industry.

  • Competitive base pay
  • Bonus based on your performance, not the manager’s or the company’s
  • Excellent health, vision, and dental coverage
  • 401k plan with employer safe harbor contribution
  • Profit Sharing Plan
  • Two weeks of paid vacation
  • Ten holidays, several of which are “floating” for your convenience

What would I do?

There are two practices in Cirrus10: Web CMS and Search. We are eager to talk to you regardless of number of years of experience. Also, you should be a very strong communicator. We are a consultancy, which means you’ll have to talk to clients, and one of our core values is clear communication.

Sounds great! What’s next?



Practical Advice

Between our Endeca Oracle Commerce experience and our CMS experience we have over 100 clients and implementation stories. We have a highly detailed map to the world of ecommerce design and its counterpart of content management implementation. There are dozens of routes you can take to get from one point to another. Each route has its pros and cons. Chances are we have already taken the path you are about to travel and we can help you get there with assurance.

Presented Clearly

Clear communication has a voice. It is a voice that is instantly recognizable as guide, as a mentor, as a leader. Whether it’s online, in print, or in person, clear communication is effective communication. It’s communication that people can understand the first time they read it, hear it or see it.

This business has a unique terminology and many industry specific terms. There is an assumed knowledge-base and that can be intimidating. It can seem out of reach for all but the best and brightest. Even industry veterans can encounter situations where the subject matter is challenging. As such, the quality of our communication is paramount.

Cirrus10 prioritizes communication skills in all employees and that means customers and clients get it the first time.

Implemented Professionally

Professional implementation is finishing projects such that there is minimal technical debt.  Less technical debt means more money in your bank. Technical debt (also known as design debt or code debt) is a metaphor referring to the eventual consequences of any system design, software architecture or software development within a codebase. The debt can be thought of as work that needs to be done before a particular job can be considered complete or proper. If the debt is not repaid, then it will keep on accumulating interest, making it hard to implement changes later on. Unaddressed technical debt increases software entropy. We are able to address this by having an extremely disciplined team. Discipline to act on incoming information. Discipline to do the job right even when it might be easier another way.

Supported unconditionally

Unconditional support means we make sure the work we deliver works. We ensure that what we are responsible for is fully functional and performs as designed. If we touch it, we will support it.


Need help with a Content Management, Faceted Search, Data Modeling / Information Architecture, e-Commerce, Portal, or other major web initiative? Contact us!



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