Peter Curran


Peter Curran co-founded Cirrus10 in 2010 with the belief that top-notch web architecture consulting that is profoundly customer focused can be done largely onshore and at reasonable rates. Since the earliest days in May 2010, Cirrus10 has consistently grown quarter by quarter while Peter has acted as President and Principal Account Executive.

Peter was formerly the Director of Professional Services responsible for the Western United States region at Vignette, a web content management, portal, and collaboration company which was acquired by Open Text in 2009. Peter joined Vignette as part of its acquisition of Intraspect Software, an enterprise collaboration company based in Brisbane, California. While at Intraspect, Vignette and Open Text, Peter played several roles including Architect, Managing Principal (Sales Executive), and finally, Director of Professional Services.

Peter received a Bachelor’s degree from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994, and currently lives with his family in Seattle, Washington.

Need help with a Content Management, Faceted Search, Data Modeling / Information Architecture, e-Commerce, Portal, or other major web initiative?